Dr. John Kelly III

Dr. John Kelly III

In his current role as Executive Vice President, Dr. Kelly is responsible for helping to guide IBM's global technical and business success. He is focused on overseeing IBM's enterprise wide Intellectual Property, Security and Privacy, academic, industrial, and government partnerships, as well as its technical community.  He is also currently responsible for leading the company's Watson Health unit.  

Previously, Dr. Kelly served as senior vice president, Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research, where he oversaw IBM's (AI) Watson platform, portfolio and investments.  Under his leadership, IBM expanded the specialization of IBM Watson into various industries and domains including health, security, analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), and financial services. He was also responsible for IBM Research and the company’s Intellectual Property.  

Dr. Kelly received the Semiconductor Industry’s highest honor, the Robert N. Noyce Award. He has been recognized with the IEEE’s top award for R&D management, the Frederik Philips Award, as well as the IEEE’s own Robert N. Noyce Award. In October 2013, he received the National Academy of Engineering’s Arthur M. Bueche Award for his leadership in driving U.S. semiconductor technology excellence through broad government, university, and corporate collaboration.  Most recently, he received RPI's Lifetime Achievement Award.  

Dr. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Union College in 1976. He received a Master of Science degree in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 1978 and his Doctorate in materials engineering from RPI in 1980. He has also received three honorary Doctoral degrees.