Security Protocol

Security Details:

Please note that all 2019 ERI Summit attendees will be required to confirm citizenship status before June 24, 2019. Links to the required forms are available via the registration site and below. U.S. citizens must submit a U.S. Citizenship Verification Form via Even if such attendees have submitted this form for recent prior DARPA events, please resubmit for this event. Non-U.S. citizens not representing a foreign government are required to submit a U.S. Permanent Resident and Foreign National Visit Request (DARPA Form 60). Non-U.S. citizens representing a foreign government must submit an official Request for Visit (RFV/FVR) via their local embassy. Failure to complete and submit these forms by 11:59 PM EDT on June 24, 2019 may result in the cancellation of existing registrations without refund.

U.S. Citizens

Please complete a DARPA Verification of U.S. Citizenship form and submit to  by June 29, 2019.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Please submit the DARPA eForm 60 via by June 24, 2019. Details for certain form fields are below. If you are representing a foreign government you must submit an official Request for Visit (RFV/FVR) via your local embassy.

DARPA eForm60 form field details for this event:

  • Point of Contact: Richard-Duane Chambers
  • Date of Visit: Conference dates of July 15 – 17
  • Meeting Location: Offsite
  • Classification Level: Public Release
  • Purpose of Visit: To attend the DARPA / MTO ERI Summit in Detroit, MI